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"Steve Dennis is a self taught artist. Born in 1971, the son of a prison officer, he grew up in the 1970s, moving four times around the UK and attending five different schools before the age of 14. This relocation at a young age had a profound effect on him. 
Experiencing both urban and rural environments and the explosion in the 80's alternative scenes, Dennis cites Hip Hop, street art, and 'free sports' among his influences. 

Dennis builds his paintings with layers of acrylic paint, 'storytelling' his way to a final image. What may appear at first to be random images, upon revisitation, become interwoven with the viewer's own experiences, inviting a new reading of the work."


Welcome all to the original artwork of  Steve Dennis.

A large part of Steve's artwork is commission based work. To discuss any commission work 

please visit or contact us via email or telephone for more information.

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